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    Default Another "around the corner" detection

    Was out mailing a letter today and had the RX65 turned on. Was approaching a red light and started to get K blips. At first I thought "a door opener", but as I turned the corner I spotted a Grant County Sheriff car. Not many of them have radar or use it, but the warning came long before I saw the car. Amazing the detection abilities of these devces!!!


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    Indeed. I was at a red light 2 days ago and started getting a K alert. I was right beside a Shell station where most of the county sheriffs get fuel, so I figured one of them left their radar on. Looked around, couldn't find one, then looked the other way and there was a Georgia State Patrol coming around a long curve. I was detecting him a good 20 seconds before he even came around the curve, which was about .5mi from the light. I was turning the way he was going, and I picked up K off and on being atleast 3-4 miles behind him the whole way. Until he turned around and started IOing people, that is. :twisted:



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