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    Default Bel Euro 550 for use in the UK- Help

    Greetings All

    A question please,I am trying to setup my Bel550 Euro for Uk use.

    I quote from the manual(p40).

    "IMPORTANT! In Europe,with the exeption of the UK,it is advisable to
    select Ka narrow and then to make a selection from the available
    frequencies. Ka Swide for use in the USA"

    So i dont select Ka narrow?
    What frequencies are for the uk?
    Ka Swide for USA!
    What 2 do?
    Maybe im just thick

    Thanks in advance

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    According to this thread:

    The UK only has K-Band and Ku-Band.

    So, disable all Ka band in the detector, and only leave on K-Band and Ku-Band.

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    Default Bel 550 Euro

    Thanks Prof
    Just to be clear i use it in Ka narrow though.

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    Neither Ka narrow nor superwide, you don't have Ka in UK.

    When you are configuring it, it will ask you first to choose between SuperWide On/OFF, you choose off. You cannot have both superwide and narrow on at the same time so choosing Superwide off implies you want narrow o neither. So the detector now allows you to configure the Ka narrow bands, you then turn them all off.



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