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    Default ---Quick question...LOOK!---advice req.

    i own a bell v995 rd , its around a year old, but recently it always goes off for K bands for no reason, when there is not a cop in near sight , nor any automatic doors ect. , this happens while its on highway and autoscan, i was wondering is this normal , and is there any thing i can do ??! This also occurs with POP alert!! Also i have read in threads about turning off POP is good for Ka band, is this true and does it make a difference for any other bands???

    from -(sugar land)- Houston , tx

    (noob to all of this , even though i used it about a year ago when i was about to purchase the v995)

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    Default Re: ---Quick question...LOOK!---advice req.

    I have gotten a lot of K band falses from other detectors, but it is sorta weird that you all the sudden started getting the falses.

    As far as the POP, I am not sure if that henders Ka performance or not, I leave mine off though since i don't think that they have POP here. Heck, they don't have a lot of IO here.

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    I would guess its time for Bel to take a look at it. Send it in and see what they have to say.

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    aite , thanks for the tips, but how long do u think itll take for them to check it and come back?

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    shouldnt be more than 2-3 weeks i would think

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    I use to have the same problem but then i realized the busnell radar gun i left in my car was turning on and off by itself cause it was low on batteries

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