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    Default Beltronics Support, or lack therof

    I purchased my RX-65 in June 06 and it did not seem to work correctly. I did not think much of it since I did not use it often. Then I got a high voltage signal in December, sent in to the company and they now claim it had water damage and want another $85 bucks to repair.

    I refused and they sent it back. It does appear to have corrosion in the very center of the circuit board. If i had managed to get it wet somehow, it most likely would cover the board. This appears to be a sweat drop or something that could have occurred during assembly. Has anyone else had similar problems? What recourse do I have besides buy someone else's product which I have already determined.

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    nope aint had trhat,,,,but bel seem to think customers dont matter so im not suprised how they dont care and are quick to blame

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    ..but bel seem to think customers dont matter so im not suprised how they dont care....
    I agree. I had to deal with faulty Beltronics unit too. Ok, they are good when they work, but when problems occur and they deffinitely do one day or another....From my experience I cannot tell they are highly reliable.
    This is how Beltronics made me change my mind and go for V1...

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    Look at my bell history

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    Default Mitch

    Mitch, welcome to the board. Sorry to hear that Beltronics isn't helping you. That just plain sucks man.

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    Try again with Bel, send them an email explain what you've said here. That it didn't work quite right from the beginning and that you didn't get it wet, you believe the damage is due to Bel manufacturing. Call them, email them, etc. Just maybe they'll reconsider.

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    Default Ya i have.

    Ya i have also noticed this aswell. One day belsorts on the next day off. I had this very same discussion with jimbonzz at the alpine invatational. We'll see what happens when i get my unit back from bel. It leaves for bel first thing tommarow.

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