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    Default Bel 995 - Worth it to save $50-75?

    Hi, new to this forum.

    I'm pretty certain the 995 is right for me, but my dilemna centers around where to buy.

    Amazon is $224 (3rd party, Electonics Express)

    Roy is $270

    Bel direct (MSRP) is $300

    I called Bel and was told that below a certain sale price for the 995 (I believe he said $269), the dealer is NOT authorized and therefore the 1 year mfg warranty is null and void. I still need to call Electronics Express to see what their policy is, but I have a sense it's nothing compared to the mfg warranty.

    So my question is: Do I try and save myself $50-75 by going through an UNauthorized dealer, thereby potentially nullifying my warranty, or should I just suck it up and buy through Roy or Bel?

    If you think about it, the $50 extra to buy though Roy is like buying an extended warranty at Sears for a washing might need it, but probably not. This assumes, of course, that I get the product I paid for, w/ the latest firmware.

    Compounding the issue for me is that I have a $110 gift cert. at Amazon as a result of cashing in a boat load of change at one of those supermarket change machines. So my net cost, if I went thru Amazon/3rd party, would be $114 not incl. s/h. Pretty good deal for a 995, even assuming limited/no warranty support.

    What do you all think? Thanks.

    P.S. On a separate note, Bel needs to get a grip on its channel. I can't imagine how many people have bought its products through unauthorized dealers just to get screwed on the warranty. This is just poor business practice. Good thing I did my research first, at least I know the risks.

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    I haven't seen too many complaints about the V995 - either broken/scratched in brand new box or selfcal messages soon after purchase. however, Bel's product line seems to have more quality control issues compared to Escort/Valentine (don't know about Whistler/Cobra/etc).

    Sold by Amazon itself is under warranty, Electroncs Express may not be.

    Is it worth it? It's your decision.

    General recommendation here is to go with warranty purchase. Not so much for the repairs as much for the assurance of detection performance - which is the main goal, right?

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    Well, I don't see how it's Bel's responsibility to keep 3rd party hacks from re-selling Bel's products. Seems the used car lot down the road does that all the time and I bet GM, Ford etc, don't recognize that lot's warranty either. So get a grip.

    You have some free Amazon money, seems like some basic 2nd grade math should answer all of your questions. If the V995 isn't any good it'll cost you another $85 or so to get it repaired by Bel, that coupled with the sale price with the $100 coupon. Well what do you have to lose.

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    i would only buy from Roy

    Spoiler: show

    Radar Detectors-V1 & BEL v995
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    Default For sale.

    Hey, I have a 995 brand new in the box, will take pictures and shoot you an email if you shoot me your email. I intended on sticking this in my hemi the next day, untill I totaled it that night. I need 1,000.00 for my deductible so I need to sell this. It doesn't have a warranty, not that you should need it as to I've owned the same radar before. I will sell it brand new in the box for 195. shipped to your door.



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