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    Default Antenna Polarization

    I've had my RX-65 mounted on my motorcycle handlebars over a year now and it's paid for itself a few times over.

    Now I'm looking to somehow permanently mount it so I don't have to worry about removing it when I'm off the bike in a strange location and for stealth reasons when stopped by a LEO.

    My first thought is to attach a box to the side of my trunk but this would require me to mount the unit vertically, i.e. turned 90 degrees axially to sit next to the trunk without sticking out.

    Will this work from a standpoint of antenna sensitivity or am I stuck trying to find a place to mount it in it's standard configuration?


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    This will work just fine:

    Quote Originally Posted by jimbonzzz
    Mounting at an angle should be fine. As long as the rear of the unit is aimed straight down the road, you'll be in good shape whether the detector is mounted vertical or horizontal. Police radar is "circular polarized" so basically it won't make a difference.
    Thanks Jim. :wink:

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    That was quick! Thanks AirMoore - exactly the info I was looking for


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