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    Default Put my RX65 into a Vector 995 case.

    Now I like it a lot better! I absolutely hated the angled up display. Looks distorted when I mount next/above RVM. Now It is easily read. I also like the looks of the 995 case better than the RX65.

    I think I am going to see if I can have a buddy make a custom case for the RX65 but going a step further and angling the display slightly down and to the left. Also see about making one without a spot for a display so I can put the display IN the RVM and mount the detector fully behind the mirror (do not care about rear laser detection).

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    Default you

    You can also buy cases at some department stores/discount stores that I know of for $3.99. Not bad price and they are originally meant for games. PM me for more info.



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