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    Default rx65 behind the crack windshield would ii affect anything

    Hii have an rx65 and i mounted it right abouve my rvm, , but my windows cracked and the cracked is like at the edge of the lens would this affect anything like range

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    Welcome to the board radarman. I don't think it will effect your detection. You may want to contact jimbonzz if you really want to know.

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    Radar range will not be impacted (I couldnt see why it would be).

    Laser detection Im not sure: My best guess:

    Laser detection could be (which is already a bit sketchy on the RX65)... if by chance the crack is right infront of the laser reciever, because I would think a crack in the glass could disperse the laser beam, rather then passing it right into the detector.

    Anycase... Im not 100% sure, you would probably be ok on lidar too... but with that said I guess it would be possible the crack could somehow disperse the light odd enough to where your RX65 doesnt recieve the lidar beam.
    Not to mention the RX65 is renown for being the worst of the Top 3 in lidar detection.

    Though I can't see the crack, I would also suggest getting your windshield fixed for safety concerns.



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