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    Default trade bel rx65 to sti driver to beltronice company

    hi i got a question i got an rx65 and i want a sti driver because iam going to virgina for a job interiview, i was wondering if i call bel and tell them that i will give in my brand new rx65 trade in and pay maybe what evers left of it, do you think that will work or no, or do u think they will give maybe 80-100 dollars if i give them my rx65

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    Default they

    They might, call 1-800-341-2288.

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    I think you'll do better either A) attempting to return to place of purchase.

    B) if they reject, and you purchased via CC - try using the "Elongated Return Policy" on the american express - they will credit your account up to 300 dollars if you meet the requirements and attempted to return w/i 90 days.

    C) Sell on fleabay & buy from roy.

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    Last I heard, BEL was not taking trade-ins on the STi. They're selling very well and they don't see the need for a trade-in program for it!




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