Hi all,

My car was involved in a rather nasty accident some time ago. It didn't survive, but the RX75 did!

The problem I have now is that, when I went to remove it from the wreckage, the install was done so well (cable-tied about every 30cm!) that it was only practical for me to cut the wires and leave them behind. In doing this, I left all the RJ11 plugs behind, so now I have no way of knowing which wires go to which pins

My plan is to use some spare 4wire telephone cable with my trusty crimping device and re-make the cables.

I notice that the two laser units and the control box have blue, green, yellow and red wires, while the receiver unit has white, blue and red.

If someone could post some pictures of the plugs so I can see wire-colour/pin number that would be a great help. Alternatively, a simple explaination will do as long as we get the plug orientation right

Fingers crossed, and thanks in advance.