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    Default STi inverted

    I have My STI stealthed on the visor. What difference would it make if it was inverted. Does it increase the range? Or are the antenna in a better position to pick up radar or laser. They provide for it to be inverted so there must be a good reason :?

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    No difference at all

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    Depending on how you've got it mounted on the visor your rear laser protection may be better since the sesnor tends to get covered using the visor clip..... not that rear laser is a big deal in Ont

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    I have my STi inverted, in a pocket on my visor and the sensitivity seems to be good (although it's always been inverted so I don't have anything to compare it with). When I push it forwards, so the front sticks out of the pocket a couple of inches, the rear laser sensor is exposed. I've never had a laser alert and it'll probably make no difference having the rear laser sensor exposed since word on the board has it that it's really just a "ticket notifier", but it makes me feel better having it exposed 8)

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    I originally had my STi, Velcro'd on my dash, directly in front of the steering wheel. I have since inverted and stealthed it by mounting it between the visor and an overhead storage shelf that is mounted to the original visor mounting holes.

    Since then, I have noticed no loss of long range Ka but I have noticed less false signals. I think it's due to less overhead exposure to the windshield and less stray signals from above. It also allows it to run cooler by not having any direct sunlight beating on it. It was always hot to the touch on the dash but now it's barely warm.



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