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    Default Bought a V965 (chrome), thoughts so far

    > Beltronics online registration doesn't work - tried for 3 days registering my product, and i get an error; they dont respond to emails either.

    > I was swayed towards the 965 because the box claimed 110-115 dbm/cm2 radar sensitivity, vs 105-110 for the 955. Whether that's true or not, i don't know, but I do know i have the peace of mind I have as sensitive a radar detector made by Bell (995, rx-65 supposed to also be 110-115).

    > POP will stay off. I had it on, and in just one short trip, pop went off when i drove past a lone car (not police), with no police in sight. It seems clear why Beltronics recommends that it stay off (because it doesn't work right).

    > Its barely loud enough - 3 bars volume (max apparently) is just loud enough.

    > Ka seems to work great, and it falses less than my Pro 58. The display is plenty bright, yay!

    > Its at least twice as heavy as the Pro 58, though smaller in footprint.

    > I love the coiled cord; its just long enough and no extra cord hangs!

    That's it for now. It seems really nice and I have no buyer's remourse.


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    Default Re: Bought a V965 (chrome), thoughts so far


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    Default Re: Bought a V965 (chrome), thoughts so far

    Quote Originally Posted by MEM-TEK

    Also Bel uses thick walls for the shields which extend down to the circuit board. This was necessary to resolve RF shield sealing issues which Bel experienced back in the early 1990s due to the different coefficients of expansion between the metal horn, the copper foil shield strips, and the circuit board. Its good that Bel's engineers still haven't forgotten those problems!

    The 965, in my opinion, seems to be a very good value for the money.

    Is that why the early 90 BELs (645/745) falsed so much? Modern RD falsing is nothing compared to those!


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    Default Re: Bought a V965 (chrome), thoughts so far




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