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    Default Help programming my RX65 please!

    It's new to me and I have played with it, but I am missing something. The instructions regarding programming mention pressing the RVW (review) and CHG (change) buttons after you get into program mode by holding down CITY and BRT buttons for 2 seconds. Sooooo, where the heck are the RVW and CHG buttons? Are they referring to other buttons that have this dual purpose, as I see no such marked buttons. Excuse my ignorance, but I am not real Tech savvy, being an old guy.

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    Wouldn't u like to know


    When the unit is on hold down the city and brightness buttons. It will then enter program mode. If you look on top of the detector it say program above the two buttons you need to push.

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    Default That will teach me-

    The times I tried it was out in the garage, little light and no glasses on. Sorry to bother you with such a stupid question. Thanks.



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