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    Default Progamming Understanding V955

    Hey guys just got a V955 and I have very little drive time to say too much about it just yet but I'd like to get a few things cleared up if I could. First things first, Im a EX-Cobra customer and I was told by someone on this forum that all radars plugged into the cig lighter will shut off after a few mins of the vehicle being turned off then when the car is fired back up again the radar will automatically turn back on again. I just went and checked my car about 4 hours later and the radar was still on Im wondering if I damaged anything by leaving it on like that, and how the heck I can get it to automatically turn on and shut off like the ol' cobra did. Anyway another confusion I had was the 2 modes you can select at the end of the programming list. Something about if you turn on the POP and SWS then it puts you in MOD mode or something, but the owners manual recommends that you leave the radar in default mode (i cant remember the 3 letter abbreviation exactly) but by leaving it in the default mode you forgo POP and the nice SWS feature to my understanding. Well there you have it, if anyone can clear this up for me I will be one happy Newbie!! THanks!!

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    Auto off? Cool feature.... but V1 doesn't have this stuff..... This should sense the vehicle move.

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