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    Default Bel 990 - dead?!

    Hi all!

    I'm Paul, in the UK, and I stumbled across this place while trawling the 'net looking for a fix for my 990international - I thought it looks like a good font of knowledge so I figured that someone might know what's up with my currently dead detector! lol

    It basically has just stopped working - plugged it in to the cigarette lighter, nothing happened. Checked the lighter was working, it was (ouch, hot!), and the fuse in the plug seems fine...

    Has anyone got any ideas to what it could be, or had any experience in fixing them?

    I'm thinking I might just need to take it apart and check all the solder joints are still intact - other than that I fear a large dent in my wallet coming...

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

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    Thank you for the response

    I think I will have to take it apart as, from what I've read here and elsewhere, Bel won't exactly jump at the chance of repairing something that's about 5 years old... (I think? I lose track!)

    The soldering at the power entry point was one of the first things that I had thought could be going - I recently had to repair my Creative Zen Micro because the joints on the power-connector bit are so weak :roll:

    I have tended to just unplug the 990i from the cigarette lighter and leave the cable plugged in the unit - I think I will stop this practice if I can get it repaired!

    I will speak to my mate who is handy with a soldering iron, as I think he's got a multimeter as well - fingers crossed it's just the power connections!

    If it's not then I think I'm going to have to go shopping lol

    (I had also recently considered taking it apart and wiring the separate components into the engine bay and dashboard :wink: - the 2006 Road Safety Bill over here includes the ability to introduce a ban on non-GPS detectors :roll: so I was hoping to be more discreet in the future )

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    Try with a new fuse.
    Otherwise I have a dead target 550 (990i) with selfcalibration error to give away for spare parts as Beltronics are not able to repair their $600 units!!
    Bought a switchable bands whistler ...aroud $100-120.
    Excellent range, less falses. Works for me and for 5 times less money.
    Good luck!

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    I can't believe they can't repair them... useless!! :roll: :?

    Will see how trying to fix mine goes... lol

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    Where are you located in the UK Paul?

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    Essex! (for my sins lol)

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    Just asking because my mother is outside Manchester at this time. My parents are from Lymm and Dunham. Go Ricky Hatton! I should be there.



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