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    Default RX-65 has lost sound and other programming problems

    Yet, when checking programming it shows voice ON. I have like NO sound, no voice or beeps. What happened. May switch back to default to see if that helps.

    UPDATE-tried default setting, no difference. Also, it won't let me set it to HIGHWAY...keeps going back to Autoscan. What the heck is going on? I really hate to mess with sending it back.

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    Default Re: RX-65 has lost sound


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    Default should have mentioned

    the unit is only a couple of months these speakers go that fast?

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    it could have gone out

    as far as the settings disapearing if you set the RD how you want the settings to stay then power it off with the power button each time power is cut or reaplied the settings should stay the same.

    i noticed if i change a setting but cycle the cars power then the setting will go back; put if i power it off then back on w/ the switch the settings will stick

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    Default Re: RX-65 has lost sound and other programming problems


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    Default I reset to factory default and no change

    It's going back. Unfortunately, bought it on eBay...have t pay a $15 "warranty exchange" fee plus whatever it costs to ship it back to the seller. Didn't see that in his original auction info. Guess he doesn't fix them, he just sends you a new one and then he deals with Beltronix. Part of me would rather have this one fixed. With a new one, may have the same problem all over again.

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    Default Help with Whistler

    Hi, can anyone help me with a blown speaker for Whistler Pro-73? I bought on ebay and got screwed...sound has been out since I got it. Any suggestions welcome.



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