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    Default SuperWideKa or narrowband?

    I'm using a Vector 975R in the U.S. Does anyone know if it's better to leave this unit on SuperWideKa, or set it to use the individual narrowband frequencies?

    I know this detector is popular in Europe because it's one of the only ones sensitive enough to pick up MultaNova using narrowband mode. My understanding is that using the narrowband mode in the U.S. may also improve range and response time and reduce falsing on Ka, but I wonder if that mode covers all the guns I'm likely to encounter here.

    An old review I found says the 975R can be set to listen for all five of the most widely used Ka band frequencies, but my user manual only shows four: 33.8, 34.36, 34.7 and 35.5. There's no option for 34.4. This is a newer RoHS-compliant version.

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    Bel975 has 80MHz+/-on each narrowband ka freq.For you Superwide Ka is the way to go!I dont know how good it is for US,but in Europe works like a charm against low powered photoradar(Multanova set on 0,5mW)

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    My understanding is that the only Ka frequencies in the US are 33.8 34.7 and 35.5.

    Hope this helps your decision making.

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    Superwide is the only way to go in the US.



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