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    Default bel sti radar detector - modifying it removing the case? wil

    bel sti radar detector

    hi people., I often drive from state to state in my car, and in one state its illegal to have this radar in your possession. but in the other state, its fine, cause sometimes cops hide behind huge downhill places where, even if your braking, you wont relies the speed until its to late,

    so in a effort to not have this mounted on my dash, ive decided to removing the casing, and I want to install it into a factory car ecu box, and put the ir sensors on the front and back grill, my only worry is if I remove the factory casing.... will it leak rf ? cause if it does, ill be detectable via the STALCAR/spectrum RDD

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    IMO, if you need a rd, one that can't be detected, sounds like your trying to hide one, you need an STi. Then you wouldn't have to make any modifications to it, thus not voiding any watranty! All you would need is a stealth install and " your good to go!

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    i know that theres already a post, but it doesnt answer any questions which i already though of, i.e. is the case used as grounding to prevent rf leakage? and if so, when i put the BEL STI (ment to be undectable) in a car ecu case, that will also be grounded. so no rf leakage. BUT. i want to remove the antennas/infrareds and install them on the front of my car in the grill, hence, any radar/laser guns shooting at me, it will pick it up, and is undectable to cops due to the fact that its going to be wired to a factory ecu. (inside the ecu box), but if the antennas/ir's are placed outside (car grill) will they provide any rf leakage not being shielded?

    p.s. pictures of what im talking about,

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    I've read, re-read your posts. You aren't serious about gutting the STi and trying to make some kind of home-made remote system are you ?

    You've gone as far as you can already, you've removed the case.
    You cannot remove the antenna assy from the main pcb and remote it.
    You cannot remove the IR detection diodes and remote those either.
    If you try to do so, you will end up with a NON-functional STi.

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    MRJDMRADAR,I think the only(easy&safe)way is to take out the display,mount it in your dash then take STi,put in a waterproof box with plexi glass in the front side of box.Only problem is with the wires betwen display and STi,if they are too long it wont work properly.Oh yes do a bypass on power switch,so that you dont need to open the box every day,just to turn on the power

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    Default remote?

    Correct me if I am wrong but don't both Bel and Escort make remote systems exactly for this application? I agree that if you start jury rigging the STi by disassembly/reassembly (in remote locations) of various components you will have an expensive and useless pile of electronic junk.

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    Default Disguising your sti

    Why not mount your STi to the dash with velco, then strategically cover it with a cigarette package, kleenex box, etc.... Of course, make sure and cut away areas of the box to allow the detector an unobstructed view of the road.

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    Mr ,

    after reading most the posts , specially Jimbonz , I tned to believe your naked Sti would still be invisible to RDD are on your own on that one .

    You could keep the Sti as is , put it in a watertigh/humidity box , cancel the laser reception , install a jammer .

    This way you won't loose your precious sti due to a badluck during manipulation of the electronics , and for the laser reception = only jammer can garanty you a peacefull driving ...( I got a big laser ticket using v-1 as cm).

    The crucial point in boxing your sti = be 200% sure no humidity will leak inside though the wires aperture ....very important if you dont want to find corrosion inside the electronic connexions six months later ....perhaps you could design a positive pressure box ...dont let your dreams knocked off ...

    Keep us informed of your progress :wink:

    On a stealth note = I keep my sti hidden but ready to grab in split second = they can't seize what never existed .... some experienced their car dismantled untill they find the rd , and not because of RDD , just brake light at a undue moment ....some Leo are smart :shock:



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