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    Default Sti not alerting to Speed Drones???

    hello everyone...been a member of the board for some time now and I must say that I truly appreciate all the research that has been done here and the invaluable resources that can be found here as well. I purchased a Sti from Roy little less than a year ago and have been noticing some problems over the last few months. When I first purchased the Sti it would go off all the time with X-band signals, etc due to everything that shares that frequency. And it would definitely always go off when coming up on a speed drone sign. I recently received my first ticket in Alabama with ZERO warning or alert of any kind and it wasn't VASCAR. He was sitting in the middle like they normally due and it was about 11:00pm with some traffic. Just the other day I made a trip twice through a construction area that had two "your speed is..." signs and neither tripped my detector AT ALL. Obviously, I think there is some indication of a problem here. I just checked my version and I have the A4M9 which I believe is the latest. Any ideas on what the problem is? :shock:

    And as a side note, I'm not receiving nearly as many X-band alerts as I did in the beginning. And I'll make the same trip another day and receive a ton of X-band alerts. It really seems like sometimes its on and other times its just not up to par?

    any help/ideas are appreciated....gonna have to call Roy and/or Beltronics if we can't figure this out


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    When in doubt, send it in.

    Reasons why it might not alert to the speed sign.

    1) Its not using radar technology.
    2) The gun is out of tune and not within spectrum anymore.

    Reasons how you could have gotten the ticket:

    2) Stopwatch(Ground Vascar)
    3) Laser ( I dunno how good the sti is on laser - never paid attention)

    Do you let it bake in the sun all the time?

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    thanks for the quick response...what other technology would those orange "your speed is" signs be using? The detector always went off before going past those type of signs.

    And as far as the ticket is concerned, it wasn't pacing b/c he was parked and I saw him pull out right after me, and it wasn't vascar b/c he said he got me on the gun at ... I just forgot to ask him whether it was lidar or not. Anyways, not really concerned about the ticket, its the inconsistency thats bothering me.

    It seems pretty obvious to me that some days it picks up everything, i.e. I have x bands going off when I pass by buildings,etc(which is fine). The I'll take the same route and it'll be quiet the whoolle damn drive. That just seems extremely improbable to me. :?:

    If I do send it in, does this go to Roy then back to the distributor? or straight to Beltronics?

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    Your STi needs to be repaired. It used to work, as you have stated and now it doesn't as you have stated. You should always be able to pick up an active K band drone and there is no possible reason that the unit would not alert to the cop that tagged you. Your unit needs service, call Beltronics and get it fixed.

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    yeah get that sucker fixed. keep us updated on the repairs...

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    will do, calling them on monday.

    As you stated, I didn't think there was any reason why the Sti wouldn't be alerting to a drone. I'll keep everyone posted on the customer service and we'll see how long it takes to get this fixed.



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