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    Default Check your settings...

    Not sure why I didn't get popped by California's finest the other day.

    Crusing down the road, nice sunny day, my RX65 is quiet, I'm happy cause I'm thinking the speed limit on I-5 must be 80+ even though I just passed a sign with a '70' on it.

    Next thing I know is CHP is getting ready to make a high speed u-turn and chase me down.

    For some reason, I wasn't stopped, I got a pass.

    A few minutes later, I was able to pull over.

    I checked the settings for Ka -- somehow they had changed.

    Changed to USA and life is great again.

    FYI -- Check your settings.

    Good luck.....

    Best Save -- discoverd Alt going south
    Other Saves -- many

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    Were you in Ka superwide or did you have Ka disabled when you encountered CHP. Being in Ka superwide should not cause you to totally miss a Ka band alert. Unless of course you were quick triggered!


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    Default Thanks

    Mem-Tek -- Thanks for the info.

    GTO_04 -- I posted as a FYI, but it seems by your post I have much to learn.

    Quick triggered -- that's a neat phrase. I never heard it called that.

    Superwide -- What's the setting on this?? All I know is USA and Intl. I just looked at the manual and it only lists 'superwide' once, but not how to set it. Maybe superwide is USA.

    Bel customer service states to always use USA and not Intl.

    Was I loaded for 'superwide?? All I know is, over the course of 4 hours, I passed at least 6 CHP's. Not once did it alert. One location is well-known on the I-5N about 8 miles south of Willows, CA just past an overpass. Not a hit there either. Note: Willows has a large CHP office.

    After the no-hit south of Willows, I knew my RX65 was wacked. So I got the book out and reset to default. About 30 min later, it started singing again and yes, about a minute later, CHP again. Life was now good again.

    Lastly, a few days eariler it was working great. As I switch cars quite a bit, I probably hit the wrong button.

    Now whenever I power up, I 'always' watch the displayed settings.

    Thanks again for the help.

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    Default Re: Thanks


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    K9Kuvasz7 superwide is international mode. USA is more narrow.

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    Default Superwide (Intl) or USA?

    Bunny -- more good info.

    Superside (Intl) or USA?

    What's the best setting?

    Bel customer service 'states' to always run USA. Yes/No??

    Mem-Tek - Maybe I should have my lovely bride scan your comments, so she'll finally realize that I sometimes 'do' have good suggestions. Then, maybe she'll mark it on her calender for all to see. Wait, she doesn't know I have a RX65, so that idea is out. Just realized I got off topic, Sorry...

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    Interesting BEL told you to always use USA. BEL told me just the opposite. I guess it depends on who you talk to there.

    I should have clarified a few things. Accusweep mode = USA mode and International mode = Ka superwide. They changed terminology when they went from the 985 to the RX-65.

    In most cases, you will be fine in USA mode. It can offer increased sensitivity and possibly faster response time on the RX-65. I do not notice a difference on my 985 though, just fewer false alarms in Accusweep mode.

    Just be aware if you run USA mode, and you encounter a Stalker ATR operating outside the USA frequencies, you are busted plain and simple! I have run into one of these and it is for real. It is not known how common these are. Probably not real common, but how lucky do you feel?

    FYI, BEL does not even offer USA mode in their newer RDs like the 995 and STi.




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