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    Default Impressed so far with the V995

    I am on a trip from Omaha, Ne to near Columbus, Ohio and so far have been very impressed with the V995. Had two very long range encounters with Ka, a nice range on a K band speed display and of course the Ohio State Police love their constant on X band. In Iowa a sherrif was shooting Ka at westbound traffic on I80 and I was travelling east. He was at the top of hill and hidden from me at first. Got a weak Ka signal and slowed down instantly. He was almost a mile from the point of first alert. Did not have any laser encounters yet.

    Have been using highway mode almost the whole trip. Autoscan does seem to help when travelling through a town. Have not had many false alerts, mostly K band when going by a shopping center.

    Overall I am very pleased with the performance of this detector. I'll have more use this weekend when I return back to Nebraska.

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    definitely a good RD. It still has a special place in my heart

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    I agree. I own a V1 and an X50 and now the V995 is on my windshield. It has very good detection on all radar bands and also has very good laser. I think this detector derserves it's place in the "upper crust" of the rd world.v My .02. Scott



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