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    Default STi quick review...*update*

    Last night I posted my quick review for the V1, so I thought I would follow it up with an STi, 9500i, & X50 review.

    Looks: Magnesium Casing, Display is Bright - Full Auto Dark, Easy to read & understand in all conditions, 3 Easy Buttons.

    Sensitivity: Dominates all radar bands, but laser is questionable.

    Quality: Built like a tank, don't feel like a beta tester compared to V1.

    Support: Fixed 33.8 Bug, and customer service has really improved.

    Features: Auto mute, Spec Display, Autodim, City No X

    Falsing: Auto mode is a incredible around town. City No X is a feature every detector should have.

    Value: Premium price, but comes with remote mount speaker, hardwire kit, & one of a kind carrying case.

    Ease of Use: Easiest detector to program. Can safely be programmed while driving down the interstate.

    Ramp up: Visual ramp up is great, audible ramp up leaves a bit to be desired.

    Tone Alerts: Loud & VERY VERY Distinctive. I don't care for the X & K band tone, but the Ka tone is incredible.

    Spectre Immunity: Only dash mounted radar detector that is completely immune to spectre.

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    Looks=7 (magnesium case, buttons lighting up looks cool)

    Sensitivity= 8 (2nd best radar performer, but no V1 on Laser)

    Quality=8 (built like a tank)

    Support= 7

    Features= 8 (spec mode, multiple thread mode,invert display, etc)

    Falsing= 8 (A mode is great)

    Value= 6 (I do not consider $450 a value)

    Ease of Use= 10 ( Easiest detector to program, and just 3 buttons )

    Ramp up= 3 ( Visual ramp up is great, audible ramp up is terrible and makes one wonder WTH were they thinking)

    Tone Alerts= 7 (X band bird sound leaves much to be desired)

    7.2 Overall
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    But how long before you get the dreaded "service required"

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    omg it's dave. welcome back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happya$$
    Value= 6 (I do not consider $450 a value)
    For those who live in Spectre Country $450 is a great value!
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