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    Default Experiencing poor detection from 895?

    I was just entering onto Highway 59 in Houston and there was a cop on the other side of the freeway where the traffic was flowing opposite to the direction I was going. I think he was running constant Ka because he was just sitting there, but my 895 altered from no more than .2 miles and never ramped past 1 Ka bar. I was all the way in the right lane when I picked him up, so there were maybe 4 lanes to my left and the cop was facing with his frontside of the car facing me while I was going straight. It was a straight road though...sorta curved.

    Anyways should I have gotten a better alert with the 895? The 895 I have is running version 1.0. Also, I encountered a LEO tonight that was driving with his K-band radar still running from behind. I really hate the ramp up on the 895 as it ramped up 5 out of 6 bars as it by me at a stoplight, and I couldn't tell how early I got the alert since my 895 was already alerting K band from the Bank or store of some sort across the street that I always get.

    I really want to upgrade. As I posted in the Escort forum, I am still deciding between a X50 or V1. The 895 is a solid detector, but I wish I got more range and warning time with better ramp up.

    Also, while I'm at it, just a general question about Beltronics detectors...if all of them are built on the same platform with similar hardware, what's the difference inside the detectors that make the RX-65 have better range than say a middle priced Vector model like the 895, 940, 955, and 965? I'm assuming the RX-65 does get better range than these models...anyone confirm that?

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    Every situation is clearly different. But... The X50 and V1 are very solid detectors. And of course worth the price.



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