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    Default Is STi the right RD for major metro areas?

    So 9500i is no longer on my shopping list.
    Right now I live in Chicago and do lots of commuting with mixed highway/city. Lately state troopers have gotten better at hiding on I55, so time for me to get equipped. Too many close calls.

    I also will be spending a lot of time in Boston, SanFran, and some other large metros in near future, so I would like to have one good RD that works well for those states too.

    Should spend the extra $ for the STi or do you think V1 will do the trick?

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    as per everyother post on this forum all your answers are found using the search button :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

    But yes a V1 is a very chatty detector for in a city and as to is the STi, I am forever muting my STi if in a city, somtimes I just turn it off....if detectors arnt illegal then go the V1.

    Do some reading on this forum, you will see mixed responses but u will make a decision for yourself.

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    hmmmm but you an STi...

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    yes as i drive in areas somtimes where stealth is req....I sold the V1 as I was not needing both anymore.

    If i didnt drive in banned areas id go a v1 for sure.

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    Very informative answer! Thank you.

    I am probably spending 50% of my time in traffic (though most highway traffic I am in is bumper to bumper over speed limit in all lanes - crazy).

    To answer you question, I will be flying to those cities and than driving there within city and the burbs.

    My concern with 9500i is that is so new and they are yet to enable firmware updates via USB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by groovyipo

    My concern with 9500i is that is so new and they are yet to enable firmware updates via USB.
    LOLOLOLOL, they said the Bel RX65 was also going to be updatable and this never dont get your hopes up.

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    I kind of figured. I was one of the early adopters for the ECU tunner for one of my cars. There were all those promisses from the manufacturer. They met half of them ... and after a year they stopped with BS excuses.

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    haha yeah, it seems rampant in this industry!

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