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    I just bought a Bel Vector 965. I haven't seen many post on here buy I have seen a lot of praise for the Bel's and Vectors. Any other 965 owners out there? Any suggestions from anyone?

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    Welcome to the forum, if this is the first detector you have purchased I can tell you that made a good choice.

    I have a Bel 965, one of the older versions...I think 3.6? Not too sure of the version since I've only used it like 2 or 3 times since it is used in my Mom's car so I can't really say much for the 965. I assume you have one of the newer 965's that have the chrome finish on the top.

    However I can tell you that I use a Bel Vector 895 and it is a solid detector for the price you pay for it. The 895 was basically a rebadged 955 to be sold in Radio Shack stores from what I understand but was discontinued sometime last year since Radio Shack does not carry any Bel units anymore. Also, from what I hear is that the Beltronics Vector series uses similar hardware and components for all their detectors (940, 955, 965, 995). There are just differences between the features between each one that make one detector cost more than the other, although the 955, 965, and 995 should be more sensitive than the 940 based the Beltronics website.

    From using the vector 895 I get decent K band range and so-so Ka range from my experiences with it. I'm sure the vector series has had its improvements in the last year.

    If you're looking for reassurance in your purchase you should check out the Guys of Lidar Radar Detector Test in March 2007. They tested a Bel 955 and it performed pretty well, just shy of the top 3 or some would say top 4 detectors (Valentine One, Escort X50, Bel RX-65, Bel STi). So check out the Results for the Bel V955. Your 965 should perform similarly if not better than those results.

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    I checked today at it is V 6.3 made 17th week of 2007. I'm pretty pleased with the detection so far. According to the Bel website, it is the lowest priced model with the highest level of detection (on par with RX65, V995, and STi). So far I have picked up about 6 LEO's using K band. Apparently all the local city cops use K band always on.

    The v955 has gotten really good reviews and the v965, according to Bel, has better reception and range with the same feature set. The forward radar detection is good but not so much with the rear. I think that is the case with any window mounted RD, except for maybe V1 which has a rear radar antenna. Reception is very good. I will post some detection ranges soon.

    Today I got an alert in heavy traffic from .6 of a mile away from a stationary LEO at a stoplight. Pretty good considering there were probably about 50 cars between us. It was a light K that quickly ramped up. I guess this is good?



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