Test was to find out if the STi still falses when encountering other RD's. Here's my experience in the past with STi.


After almost 1K miles with the STi and VG2, i can say that Bel did an excellent job of cutting off 90% of unwanted Ka false alert from other radar detectors compared to their earlier versions. By using VG2, I can easily ID false alerts or true alerts. I only have 2 false POP alerts, 1 K band false and 2 Ka band false alerts in 35.xxx. The earlier version used to false on 33.xxx and was so amazed on how the new version really worked.

One observation that i have noticed is that, the STi did not false with RD's that had the greatest leakage in K and Ka band. Although with the POP false alert, i had encountered one where the other vehicle was side by side at a traffic light that had a good amount of leakage. Other than that, the STi was very quiet. So far, my encounters with LEO was with 35.5 Ka.

I knew that the STi beat my V1 3.825 during my previous test more than a year ago and will test it again for the round 2 sqaure off between the V1 3.826, X50 and STi M4A9 with 34.7 and 35.5 Ka radar. The test will detemine my choice for replacing my X50 or just only have my V1.

Kudos to Bel for listening to customers complaint about the earlier STi versions.