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    I recently drove from Toronto to Charleston, South Carolina (16 hour drive) and had my detector (STi) on the whole time. Here are my random thoughts:

    Firstly, it was a real pleasure to have my detector mounted proudly on my windshield in all American states I drove through (except Virginia... well, I actually had it in the windsheild not knowing they were banned there until someone at a gas station told me). You folks in the US of A are fortunate enough to have a government that is for the people and not for the tax man.

    Secondly... My detector went off about once an hour. Many times, it was a false alert from a road side sign (why would a road sign telling me traffic is flowing nicely through the next transfer actually be sending out a K band signal?).

    Thirdly, often when my detector went off, I had plenty of warning but once in a while, I'd get a Ka band warning which would go from weak to strong, stay strong for a while then go back to weak and disappear. I never saw the LEO, had no idea where the LEO was hiding... it was a total mystery. Those LEOs are tricky! It also made me wonder if more than LEO uses Ka band? From what I had read, it was exclusively used by the police.

    Lastly, the tactics used in States where detectors are legal versus in provinces where detectors are banned are quite different. I prefered driving in Ontario where they are banned since you know the LEO down the road is assuming you don't have a detector and leaves his gun on all day long while eating donuts and doing his paperwork. LEO in the states use sneaky tactics like instant-on and pop, and sometimes shooting laser from the rolled down window of their car. I worried alot more in the US than I did in Canada. However, concealmeant is always worrysome in Canada.

    So those are my random thoughts.


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    Welcome to the States where its a cat and mouse game.

    Enjoy your STi :wink:

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    Default glad

    Glad to see you are enjoying your STi.



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