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    Default Vector and heat question

    Hey fellas,

    I just got off the phone with a nice service rep from Beltronics. I'm sending my trusty 965 in for service due to the selfcal4 prob.

    I asked the rep if she thinks that mounting high to prevent the sun from directly shining on it in the future would prevent this from happening again. She told me that as long as I take the detector off the mount and put it in a glovebox (which i always do to keep it from running away) once the car isnt moving It should be fine. Do you guys agree with this, or do you think I should mount mine high once I get it back to keep this from happening??


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    Quote Originally Posted by MEM-TEK
    I used to be a strong advocate for mounting a radar detector low in order to give it the best chance of picking up laser and for picking up radar reflections off of the vehicle's hood, but now I am a firm believer in mounting my radar detector up high. Mine is mounted just above my rear view mirror, and it remains considerably cooler than before. Avoiding temperature extremes is good for the longevity of any radar detector.
    Makes sense to me.

    Have you noticed any decrease in laser detection from doing so with the 995 or sti? I know of course once your hit it's too late, but ive been saved in the past by knowing there was a leo up ahead and ended up not speeding past him.

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    I mount high, right above the RVM. In fact, the X50 is resting on the the RVM, helping take alot of weight of the mount. It still gets warm, as you know here in Orlando.

    When not in use, put it in the glove box. It keeps it cool, and out of prying eyes

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