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    Default Thinking about trading in the old 980 for an STi

    You guys already know who the prime candidates are I'm sure. I have a question about the mounting for the Sti as the 980's mounting was less than stellar. Do you still have to use a screwdriver to get the mounting straight w/ a STi? Are you pleased w/ the STi mount?

    Right now I'm leaning toward the STi as it competes very well w/ the V1 and the 9500i, and they'll give me $80 trade for my old 980. I've read a few posts about the 9500i, and while it has some good features like the mini USB, GPS etc, it seems like they haven't utilized all of the features yet. And right now nobody knows if they will? I'd like to read a review on the all 3 of these but I haven't been able to find a head to head comparo. Can't go wrong w/ any of them I guess.....

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    For raw numbers, check As far as reviews, I think has some reviews. Really it will come down to what you want. With these higher end units, people tend to get a little "testy" when someone recommends a "best" one.

    As far as mounting, I highly doubt the STI needs a screwdriver. If it's anything like the other Bels, it's just suction cups on a mount. From there, you slide the mount into the detector.

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    Personally I love my 9500i and have been saved at least a dozen times but it is a very involved personal detector.
    If you want all-around great highway performance/range the V1 is one to get but it will be a bit noisy with the false alerts.
    If you want all-around great easy striate forward performance and need stealth the STI is a great choice.

    Get your 2 favorites try them out, then decide.

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    Default great

    Bel STi is a great unit.



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