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    Default Why does Bel have so many windshield mount RD models...?

    They have 7 models. Can the Vectors be that much different that they need 4 of them? I can see having a somewhat lower end model and a higher end but to have 4 Vectors is a bit much imo. And how much different can the V995 be from the RX65 as they're only $30 dollars apart? Is there really a consumer out there who ponders whether or not they should pay an additional $30. It's pretty confusing for the average Joe. They must have a reason to offer 7 different RD's but wouldn't it be much easier if they had 3 RD's w/ obligatory performance and pricepoints? And on top of all of this from what I gather Escort and Bel are the same company? I don't get it....

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    Just be glad you're not trying to choose a Cobra to buy, they have a LOT of different models...



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