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    Default whats the next up from the 955?

    I was about to go and get one because they are on sale at CC and I have a stupid gift card for some more so I can make out a little cheaper...

    what is next up from the 955 and is it worth it to move up?

    I hear good things about the 955 but I am not sure...

    I had a V1 and it worked great but I sold it and I really dont want to spend $300 on a radar detector....well it is cheaper than a ticket..

    I guess what I am more concerned with is performance....I dont feel like returning radar detectors over and over ...

    I guess I am going to have to get that RX65....

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    The v995 is a good detector.

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    The V955 Iz a Gr8 Detector, as you Stated. I Love Mine. The V965 Iz the Next Detector Up, But itz Not Supposed 2 Have any Performance Difference, Only Some Different Settingz That u Probably Really Don't Need. The V995 Would b The Next 1 Up that Iz Supposed 2 b a Better Performing Detector, But They r All Based Upon the Same Platform So u Really Can't Go Wrong IMO...

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    Its the v965. I have one. According to Bell the features are the same but the range is better.

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    My Bad, I Waz Thinking About the Difference Between the V965 and The V995. The V965 iz Supposed 2 b Slightly Better Performance Wize Over the V955, Whereas the V995 iz Supposed 2 b The Same Performance as The V965 only With More Featurez. My Bad, Confused The 2. Either Way, I Don't Think u Can Go Wrong With the V955 or The V965, But I Wouldn't Spend More Money Juzt 4 Featurez in The V995...

    Good Luck With Watever u Decide 2 Purchase Though...

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    I'm kinda biased here because I bought the 965, but I think it is supposed to be one of the best RD's that are no frills. As in, very low programmability but as I said earlier. the range is supposed to be good.

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    I have the older 995 (S7, v4.5) and a newer 955 (M4, v6.3). I haven't noticed significant Ka (or K) performance difference, but my results have been from very limited exposure to Ka in real speed traps (these were mostly instant on in real traffic so the variables are much wider).

    The 995 (even with the new M4 horn) is plenty sensitive. The 955 is very close. IMO, the 965 only adds some eye candy for those who love eye candy. If you aren't in the market for a laser jammer (appears that you aren't), then I believe you'll find that the new 955 (M4; v6.3) has better laser performance.

    Too bad they didn't have a 995 at the last GOL test to see some quantitative data.

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    It's 955, 965, and 995. Bel claims that there is an improvement in range from 955 to the 965 and 995s. From what I understand, they are all working on the same platform, so they should have about the same range.

    My dad has the 965(the newer, reflective body), which I think is still working. My roommate has the 995(the older,non reflective body), which on a couple of quick tests, seems to outperform my X50(6.1) by a marginal distance. I've attributed this to detector variance.

    Usually at CC, when you purchase online, you get some sort of discount off the cart price. Don't know if they are still doing this. Cool thing is you can order online, then go pick it up in 24 minutes

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    There are some good price breaks around the Bel's right now. My 965 came in at $199, from an authorized dealer.



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