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    Default 33.8 Used in Ontario Quebec ?

    Sorry to ask if it was answered before , could not find in Search mode ,

    Having a sti bought january 2006 , I contacted Beltronics and they charge $ 59..99 for fixing the 33.8 , anybody knows if this frequency is used in Q / O ?

    Is it worth to do it since I travel also often in NY state ?

    Which manufacturer is using the 33.8 ?

    On a side note , the Bel rep suggested me to contact the police dept to ask them if they use this frequency ... ha ha is a banned area ....funny.

    Thanks .

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    OPP use alot of K band. Also use Lti lasers (Ultralyte and older 20/20) OPP have some new Laser Atlanta-type R.

    I have seen OPP with 35.5. Others have reported OPP with 33.8
    Toronto uses 33.8 exclusively.

    New York state police use 34.7 stalkers. and alot of Pro laser 3 and Ultralytes.

    Don't know about the SQ.


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    I don't think SQ use 33.8, mostly 35.5 I see. But who knows...

    NYSP used to have almost exclusive 34,7 Stalkers. BUT now they do have 33,8's in the fleet, and they hide well enough that I would be worried (they always worry me those guys however )

    Ontario seems to have almost exclusive 33,8 for the Toronto Police cars, for OPP I see mostly K and 35.5. But if the STI has trouble with 33,8 maybe it is only because I don't see it

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    Definatley a lot of 33.8 in southern Ontario

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    Hey thank you Gentlemen ,

    so I should hold a bit , I would have appreciated the maker to take care

    for free such flaw even outside warranty time ...perhaps I should go for small claim ...eugh ..not a good idea

    I confirm that S q is using mostly 35.5

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    Default Re: 33.8 Used in Ontario Quebec ?

    the K9 patrol units in ny state use 33.8....and yes they do stop speeders.

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    Saw that here in Toronto, city cop K9 unit pull over speeder. He had a nice escalade.



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