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    Default beltronics radar detector technology 1982 to 2000!

    check this out!

    Bel's Advanced Protection System ™ with Shadow Technology II is
    rated number one by EVO magazine, Speed Measurement Laboratories
    and bel introduces Digital Remote installation
    detector with front and rear Laser detection.
    bel launches the Advanced Protection System ™ with Shadow
    Technology II. The first detectors to incorporate Digital Frequency
    Synthesis Technology, software upgrade capability and second
    generation Shadow Technology . belintroduces the worlds first 10
    radar frequency Radar detector. Called bel990 International, it
    represents true world-class performance.
    bel 745sti rated number-one by Automobile magazine. bel945i
    Cordless marked the first production Radar detector to incorporate the
    use of MMIC (Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuitry) technology.
    bel Introduces the second generation of integrated Radar/Laser
    detectors featuring Dual Tracking Laser™ for complete front and rear
    Laser detection. Automobile Magazine rates bel 645STi Plus number-one.
    bel introduces a complete lineup of Integrated Radar/Laser detectors
    with the addition of Rear Laser detection. bel's Radar/Laser technology
    is rated number one by Car Audio and Electronics magazine, "...the
    hands-down class winner."
    January's Consumer Electronics Show saw the introduction of a series
    of Super Wideband Ka Radar detectors (33.4 - 36.o GHz). These
    models contained many of BEL'S patented technological "firsts", as well
    as X, K and complete Super Wideband Ka
    detection. BEL combined its Super Wideband Ka Radar
    technology with its #1-rated Laser technology. The result was the
    smallest combination units on the market.
    BEL took the lead with the January introduction of a series of
    X, K and Wideband Ka Radar detectors. Called three Band Plus™, this
    new series provided detection of the complete Ka band frequency (34.2
    - 35.2 GHz). All Three Band Plus ™
    models incorporated dual-patented FMT (Fundamental Mixer
    Technology ) for maximum sensitivity to each Radar band.
    BEL Shadow Technology proved first and only means of providing
    true immunity to the VG-2 (Radar Detector Detector). Shadow
    Technology complemented several BEL detectors including dash
    and Remote installation models.
    BEL introduced the first completely self-contained battery-powered,
    3 band Radar detector - called BEL EXPRESS 3, This unit required no
    "add on" battery pack or recharger.
    Winning sensitivity levels for BEL 3 Band detectors confirmed the
    performance advantage of Image Rejection Technology , further
    establishing BEL'S position as "number one on the road". BEL 966
    marked the first use of a fundamental mixer response on all bands,
    providing the greatest performance leap since the introduction of
    Superheterodyne technology.
    BEL set the tone for '88 and beyond with the combination of
    3 Band Radar detection and Image Rejection Technology . IRT
    provided a dramatic advancement in the detection of police Radar.
    BEL introduced a new concept to Radar detection: Programmability.
    The concept of user selectable features represented Radar detection
    at its most personalized. Today, many detectors utilize this concept
    which BEL pioneered. BEL QUANTUM marked the first use of
    Dielectric Resonator Oscillators in a Radar detector, providing
    improved frequency stability and lower noise. BEL QUANTUM also
    introduced the concept of programmability in a Radar detector.
    BEL introduced Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) Diode technology
    to the industry. Once reserved for space and military applications,
    BEL was first to utilize the benefits of low noise GaAs technology.
    BEL received a patent for Horn/Microstrip antenna design. This
    integration of horn antenna and microstrip technology provided
    state-of-the-art reliability and performance. Aspects of this
    technology have since been adopted by other manufacturers.
    BEL pioneered the first pocket-sized Radar detector, proving
    compact size didn't have to sacrifice performance.
    BEL combined Superheterdoyne circuitry with computer
    technology. Called Compuheterodyne this was the first time a
    detector incorporated a single chip micro-computer for advanced
    signal processing.
    of World-Class
    Radar/Laser/Safety Detectors

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    wow once again great stuff from you, very infomative
    Keep up the good work

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    all of that info is correct as its from the bel site!

    its really interesting when you find out what was invented back then!

    i dont know everything because if i did i wouldnt be trying to find infomation on detectors!

    its quite strange that there isnt much infomation on the net about them!
    whats also interesting is that this is the net and still there isnt much info out there!

    this is also the case with many things concidering this is world wide on some things its mission impossible to find them on the net!

    its the not knowing what does me!

    i'm glad we live in an age where were technologicaly advantaged!

    i'd hate to live in a world without electric or any modern technology! and medical knowledge!
    its a wonder how man has survived through the ages!!

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    Great Post, very informative. I did a lot of research before I bought my detector and I never saw that info. I must have missed it somewhere, but thanks for posting it for those of us that hadn't seen it. How long did it take you to type all that up?

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    2 seconds copy and paste!



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