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    Default STI vs Roadside Mobile Speed Camera

    Hi All,

    I have been watching this forum for a while, great place to learn so I thought ide join up.

    I have just puchased an STI (2407) and was out driving when I came across a roadside mobile speed camera so I thought ide do a few runs to see how it went. I was disapointed, but maybe I dont understand the fators at play so thats why I am asking. What sort of alert should I get for one of these traps? I wasnt getting any warning at all until I was beside the camera at which point it would be too late. It was alerting on K band. I was approching from the rear of the vehicle in the same direction the camera was pointing. Is this normal? If so, the STI is no good to me as most of the threats in Melbourne, Australia are roadside mobile cameras.



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    Daniel, Dependt on conditions the detector whether a V1,STi or a RX65 may not detect the gatso camera which operates K band 24.125 Ghz, the detector needs to detect radar scatter to alert you, if other vehicles are around or surfaces the detector should give you ample warning, but if there isn't other obstacles around you may not detect a Gatso speed camera. I have experienced this before and especially on the open Highway. I own all 3 of the above and have done drive bys with the 3 to see what detected best, sometimes nothing,sometimes great warnings. With a RX65 or Sti I can get anything from 100-400 metres going towards a camera & 50 -175 metres from behind, the V1 is roughly the same sometimes better sometimes worst.
    Also the camera operator may not have had the radar on, I've seen this happen.
    Make sure you have Ka, K band on 7 X band off.



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