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    Default STi Firmware Updated, details (Ontario)

    For those of you interested.

    I placed a call to Bel a couple weeks ago, all I had for proof of purchase was an email invoice from radarbusters, turned out it was about a year and two weeks from the date of purchase. The lady on the phone was very nice and told me to send it in and they would update the software free of charge and that if I wanted new suction cups or anything to include those as well, she gave me an RMA.

    I shipped it out the same day via UPS express (3 day service).

    I received my RMA on July 26, and shipped the unit (from Ottawa) the same day.

    The unit arrived in West Chester on July 31.

    My unit arrived at my residence in Hull, Quebec on Wednesday (August 8th) I paid $12 brokerage and no tax.

    Included in the box was a slip stating that the software had been updated and listing all the things that had been tested.

    Overall I was very pleased with the service I received from Bel. They serviced my unit for free even though it was out of warrantee. They had originally quoted me 7-14 business days to return it, I was pleased that it came so quickly.


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    I hope they - CS at Bel will keep doing it instead of the run around you get sometimes. I'm glad you had a good experience with Bel with your STi and every customer deserves that. Hopefully, i will be able to retire my X50 when the right STi comes out.

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    excellent. glad to hear about your positive experience



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