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    Default new(?) case pictures.

    side rear and front view to show the more ractangular/flat case....could be the same (?) as the usual. dunno. getting it installed and will do a 900 miles road test tomorrow.

    side horiz

    side tilt rear

    top front

    top rear

    rear is flat enough so that it stands vertically unassisted. the "bumps" at the rear are gone i think.

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    ok ive loaded it inside my GPS. its set to POP OFF, X,K,Ka,SWS ON, Auto mode, Tech, No display, Voice and Automute. it has one weirdness (?) .. when i switch nit on with off and vol pressed it goes black and doesnt start. pressing all 3 together does the usual reset thingy. dont know if the old one had that. anyway, will test tomorrow in NY,NJ, MA, RI, PA and CT.
    its locked and loaded.



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