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    Default STi installation questions

    I am looking at hardwiring my STi into my car this evening. I have the visor clip and have undone all of the area around my lighting/sunroof switch area. When I clip it onto my visor it seems to point down so very slightly. To the point that if I were to put a #2 pencil on the inside of my visor to not allow it to flush all of the way that would make the RD completely level. So, few questions:

    1.. Does it need to be perfectly parallel to the road?

    2.. Would it make more sense to install on the right side of the visor near the mirror or would it be more concealed up against the A pillar on the left side of the visor?

    3..Would it make more sense to install the remote mute button down low out of site or if I were to be able to flush mount it into one of my blank buttons by my sunroof switch (Center of ceiling up front) would that make more sense? I'm thinking tucked away is better.

    Thanks. Drove 6 hrs today up Rt 70West through NC and then on 95 into Richmond. Didnt necessarily get saved at all today (I did have an extra 1000 lbs along with my wife, 2 kids and big lab) but I was able to notice what to look out for. Came around one of those long curves on the highway and boom, there went KA. Seemed to be way to short notice - I think I would have been toast before I could have reacted. Need to brush up on my X, K, KA, POP and Laser info so I know what I am dealing with. I have read the definitions but just need more time to learn how best to react. Thanks again.

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    In response to number 1, I say yes, but I may just be anal about that. I like mine very level. But i have seen people with theirs on a very sagging windshield clip and still get enough warning to slow down, so a few degrees may not hurt it too much.

    In response to number 2, more near the middle of the car is my preference, only because i feel that it gives the detector the best rear "view", if it hugs the driver side, you're sort of blinding, or hindering its rear sensitivity, and maybe some of its front unless your careful to make sure it faces forward, and not skewed (again I'm anal about that sort of thing, don' know why). As far as concealability, the A pillar might be least visible, both by LEOs clocking people and by one that may have nabbed you and is standing in your window.

    In response to 3, would be preference i think, what would be easier reach for you, I would think it would be moot if you ended up putting the detector in the vicinity of the RVM, then put the remote mute button on the blank panel by the sunroof controls, in all reality it would be only inches away, so in that scenario, maybe down low would be best. if you do go with the A pillar mounting and you're say a "left hand on the wheel" driver, then the sunroof control area mount would be ideal, your left hand could remain on the wheel, and you wouldn't have to reach across your face with the free hand, or remove your left to operate functions of the unit.

    I would say play with all aspects of it before FINALIZING the install, make sure you are comfortable and are pleased with the locations of the unit itself and the remote LED/Mute control and you should have no problems.

    I spent a good deal of time on Rt70 myself today. Cheers.

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    1. Does it have to be? No, but I recommend it. Find what diameter it is to make it perfect then maybe buy a little sticky pad that matches the interior.

    2. Where ever your head is not in the way of it. I did a test with my V1 although it has a rear antenna. If I put it in the middle of the visor where my head was rear detection was greatly reduced. I prefer it to be closer to the middle.

    3. Put the remote switch where ever is easier for you to press without taking your eyes off the road or distracting your driving.


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    Quote Originally Posted by thestaton

    2. Where ever your head is not in the way of it. I did a test with my V1 although it has a rear antenna. If I put it in the middle of the visor where my head was rear detection was greatly reduced. I prefer it to be closer to the middle.

    Ha ha, your head must be too thick and blocking radar signals

    Shouldn't matter with an STI, there is no antenna on the rear.



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