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    Default Vector 955 Stolen. Now Questions Regarding My New 995

    Thursday night my car was broken into. :x 2 month old stereo gone, along with my 16 month old 955. Broke down today and purchased the 995. Few questions.

    1: How can I check the firmware version of it?
    2: What's the latest firmware version on the 995.
    3: This 995 seems to false less then my 955. Granted only have about 35 miles of driving on the 995. Is this normal.
    4: Seems/does like that 'auto scan' feature seem to work. I was driving with the 'auto scan' feature on. Where the 955 would false, and the 995 wouldn't.

    Just seems alot quiter then my 955. Just a bit worried. Got a road trip coming up Tuesday from SLC to Portland.

    Thanks guys..

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    Default 995 ownership

    To test for firmware hold down all three top buttons while powering up it will show briefly the firmware version. i have a older one of the 995 and it has the s7 antenna design and seems to be very sensitive. Otherwise good luck with the detector its a good one. Autoscan didnt seem to make a diff on mine....

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    Autoscan does keep my K falses quieter than on Highway mode. I have had mine since June 2006. I have my X and pop turned off. I also noticed having POP on that my k falsing would go up just a bit, so turned it back off. I have realy good range on KA, and has picked up laser for me, no specific numbers for yah though. I like it alot and am quite happy with it. Thinking of upgrading to V1 next year for better laser, since trend by leo's are more and more laser.



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