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    Default Defective RX65 a common problem?

    The police left a transportable radar speed display on the road next to my home and I got to test my Bel RX65 today. The radar speed display(K band) was on the bottom of a slight hill pointing towards the top. I had my Bel RX65 set for highway and tried mounting both the bottom and the top of the windshield.

    When I drove from the behind the display, I got nothing from my Bel RX65 until I passed the display. I got 3 bars then it died down at the top of the hill.

    When I drove towards the display from the southbound road, I got 1 bar like 0.5 sec before the display came to my view then I got full bars. I looked at Google Earth and my estimate is that Bel RX65 detected the K band radar speed display at about 300 yards.

    If it had been a real cop, I would have been ticketed for sure.

    Is this normal for RX65 or is mine defective? I bought it about a year ago for road trips but haven't used it much. I live in VA so I don't use it much. I've used it for some trips to Georgia and New York but it never caught a cop yet! I've seen plenty of cops hiding and motorists pulled over but it didn't beep a thing while I got false alarms when passing big stores(I would get 1 bar when I'm right next to big stores like Walmart then it disappears). I'm unsatisfied with my radar detector so far.

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    Razz, do us a favor and don't double post. You posted the exact same thing in the Radar Detectors - General forum. Don't post the exact same thing in the Beltronics one.

    Sounds like you have a defective RX-65 from what I've read. You should be getting full bars near the your speed signs and when you're really close to the doors at Wal-mart with the radar facing the doors.

    Where did you buy the RX65 from? Has it been over a year for sure? If not, it's still within warranty as long as it's within the year and if you bought it from an authorized dealer.

    Belscort units are unpredictable from what I've read. Sometimes you get a good one, sometimes you get a bad one.

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    Sorry about your bad expericence Razz, unfortunately hundreds of people have experienced the same thing. Bel's quality control? There is none man.

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    Razz when you said "When I drove from the behind the display, I got nothing from my Bel RX65 until I passed the display. "

    That's not right expecially for an RX65!

    With my V1 and can drive behind a radar source beaming forward and pick it up for about 1/2 mile (Ka band) last I checked.
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