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    Default Laser alert from neon sign

    I was pulling out of a parking space in front a local Boaters World store when my STi gave me a laser alert. In one of the widows was a red neon sign advertising Water Sports equipment. As soon as I turned away the alrt stopped. My second laser alert with the STi. The first was a Maryland State trooper on rt 13 about 15 miles south of Salisbury, MD on Labor Day. Just prior to this I had received a KA (I think) alert from a trooper hiding in a closed gas station.

    Rich Dunklee

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    My 925 Express laser falses at one particular neon sign here in town.

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    I think mine falsed from the brake lights of the Honda. Or maybe it's just a coincidence that the brakes and alert happened at the same time.

    This is the only one on camera, I've had a few other falses too.



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