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    Default Mounting STi question

    I am thinking of mounting my STi up in the headliner just to the right of my rearview mirror and console. I pulled the console and there is a cavity that I think I can fit the unit in. I am not sure what the headliner is made from, but it is very rigid and is molded, kind of looks like fibreglass. The fit will be tight. Will there be any compromise on range or interference from the windshield's metal structure along the top of the headliner? I know that I will not get Laser alerts, but I think they will be useless anyway. My main concern is interference or the signal being blocked by the metal beam that runs along the top of the roof and windshield. Also, because the fit will be tight is it alright to mount the unit slightly on its side to accomodate the install location? The vehicle is an '07 BMW X5. I plan on using the Cheetah GPS mirror to integrate. Here in Ontario I need to hide the STi as stealth as I can.

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    wasnt this already posted and i answered in the radar detector section...DOUBLE POST



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