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    Default Do the new Sti's already have the 33.8 fix?

    Do the new Sti's already have the 33.8 fix?

    Well, if you were to buy an STI now seems like better than ever. I'm just curious if the new units have been flashed with the fix prior to being put on the shelf? Bell should have taken all of the inferior units and replaced them with good units.

    In my opinion, it is wrong to knowingly continue to sell something that has a problem (Even though they did for so long). There is now a fix so i feel there is no excuse anymore.

    Anyone recently bought an STI that is lacking the fix?

    I might be game for an STI now.

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    supposedly, after 2707

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    This was a question that I posed in another thread yesterday--how can you tell if you get a "debugged"/re-flashed unit, unless, as mentioned in the thread, you have access to radar guns and can test it several times??

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    From MEM-TEK's post -->

    You will know that your STi, even if its previous firmware displayed A4M9, has been flashed with the new firmware because the automatic brightening and dimming of its display now takes much longer. This actually made me think that my STi was broken since, when I turned off my dome light, I was used to my STi quickly adjusting the display brightness to its dimmest night settings. Instead, my reflashed STi (at night) now slowly darkens the display over nearly two minutes after I turn off my dome light. This fixes one very annoying problem when driving at night and a car gets very close behind you. With the original A4M9 version of the firmware code, car headlights behind you could cause the display to brighten after just a few seconds -- making your STi's display clearly visible both to other nearby drivers and to LEOs behind you or parked alongside the road. The much slower auto brightness ramp also means that you can now turn on your dome light at night for up to 30 seconds without the STi's display appreciably brightening too much during those thirty seconds. This is handy at night when you want to check a road map, yet don't want your STi to quickly brighten due to your car's dome light. The change to the automatic brighten/dim algorithm is your proof that your STi was re-flashed with the latest firmware that fixes the 33.8 bug



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