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    Default Harwiring of STi

    I have no clue how to hardwire my STi so I was quoted by an electronics place of $24.50 or up to $80 depending on how much they have to pull out. I have a Mercedes so I'm guessing it will cost more on the higher side. Is this something that would be easy to do on my own? Also, if anyone has pics or a step by step out how to do it, I would really appreciate it.

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    Use the search function.... its been written up extensively maybe even specific to your vehicle

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    I find doing it yourself will yield a better result - do you have a voltmeter, pliers, and screwdriver? (maybe a wrench too if you have to connect to a "ground" bolt).

    Good luck

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    I found that one guy's CLK 55 but it's all about his LJ system... When I spoke to this electronics place today, they told me they could not wire it into the lighting/ sunroof area and would have to do it behind my 12v adapter... Not sure how much sense that makes. i will post up some pics of my car for any suggestions on mounting tonight.

    As you can see, I really only have one spot (right under the RVM) to mount it. It is illegal in MN to have anything mounted to your windshield so if possible, I want to find some sort of mount that would work, since the suction cups seem flimsy. After speaking to the MB dealer here, they said they could install it for $115 and they would be able to hide the wire since the fusebox is behind the dash.

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    Is there a light that shines above the passengers feet in your car? That is where I hardwired mine. I ran the excess wire through the glove box so it wouldn't be seen. If you would like to see give me your e mail and I will send you pictures. I don't know how to post pictures on here, so if anyone else would like to see I can send it to them also and they can post them if they would like.

    I also just noticed you have a large curve on the dash in front of your steering wheel. I have this as well on my car. I was thinking of putting velcro strips right there on a good level spot, and having the RD just velcroed to the dash. I cant do it in the middle of my dash, because there is some sort of vent.

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    i found the quickest and easiest was to hardwire to the fuse box with a mini add a circut. just plugs into a empty fuse slot and easily removed without touching the existing wiring.

    then just run hardwire up weatherstriping , A-piler , and accross headliner to visor mount and you are done. I used velcro to attach smart cord mute to beside handbreak.

    had my bmw 335 hardwired in 15 minutes.

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    yeah but the problem is I have no idea how to/ where my fuse box is. Even if I do find out, I have no clue where to unscrew anything to get to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spankyaf
    Use the search function.... its been written up extensively maybe even specific to your vehicle
    CHA CHING!! another dollar for me Man im going to be loaded soon




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