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Thread: 3 mile k band

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    Default 3 mile k band

    Ok yesterday on my way home leaving my brother in laws, Pullin north on highway 2A, out of Carstairs Alberta Canada, heading home for the night.

    About 1/2 mile up the road my 955 started to allert k band....unusual for that area so i slowed to PSL, 3 miles latter i finnaly passed the LEO.

    I was very impressed....probably was one of the longest detections yet. I will not call it a save though because the LEO had a costomer at the time.

    Then to top it off about a mile down from where the Leo was i started to pick up more k band, so i again slowed down to PSL, do discover that the LEO was finhished with his costomer and had turned around... again was impressed that i was detecting the LEO from a good distance behind me, comeing up on my back door.

    Still smileing

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    Default that's

    That's awesome man.

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    Definitly awesome on a 955, love to hear it.



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