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    Default 600 Mile road trip Southern Cali

    Well, I just got back from vacation drove from Las Vegas to just out side of san diego.

    My sti was very impressive on this trip. About 8 encounters on the I-15. All forward facing I/O and C/O Ka. I think they were firing 35.5 i forget, had it in tech mode but now i don't remember.

    Either way, all alerts were IO opposite direction firing at me. Almost all alerts were well over 2 miles. Ramp up was interesting, as I would receive the 9Ka with over 600 Meters untill i actually saw the cop parked on the side with C/O ka. I was very impressed with my Sti.

    My only negative comment is, is that with out the arrows, you really have no idea if the alert is a threat to your direction of traffic. In the case of my drive, i learned that they fired radar forward mainly so that any alert from the rear was more serious than an alert from the front.

    But essentially, when i got the alerts at about 5-7Ka on threat mode i slowed down and let everyone just pass me.

    overall, good experience, money well spent.

    ps, california = police state. The opp in ontario have no presence in comparision.

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    Great story..I'm glad your STI is serving you well..Enjoy



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