Hi everyone,

I had to make a trip to Atlanta today. My re-flashed STi did an excellent job as usual of picking up Ka 34.7, but today was the first time I have been hit with laser! It happened on I-285 westbound as I was approaching the Roswell Road exit (Sandy Springs) earlier this afternoon. I was cruising along at about 75mph in the next to the leftmost lane and passing an 18 wheeler on the right when I suddenly spotted a city cop parked on the offramp with his cruiser nearly perpendicular to the roadway. He had his window down. About one or two seconds after I spotted him -- bam! My STi sounds its first real laser alert. I was approximately 500 feet from the officer. I think I saw "City of Roswell" on the emblem on the side of his door. Here is a link to a map of the scene:

Laser hit (Google map)

I don't know, since the highway was very crowded, if the LEO targeted my car or whether my STi merely picked up scatter from the guy to the left of me who was traveling a few mph faster. The LEO let us both go.

Anyway, my first real laser hit scared the daylights out of me!