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    Default LP905, hooking up 1 front jammer head and 1 rear jammer head

    I have found a stealthy way to hide my LP905 jammer heads, but it means I can only fit 1x front (narrow) jammer head and 1x rear (wide jammer head. As I only want protection from the front, I will be hooking them both up to the front. Do I hook them both into the 2 front jacks in the control box or do I hook the rear one up to the rear jack, even though it is on the front.
    I had heard that only the front or rear can fire or work at once, so it might be important where the leads are plugged in.

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    I am not sure 1 head will be enough to protect you. :shock:

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    Davekr. I want to fit 2 heads to the front, but one will be the "rear" LP905 head which is a thin wide one and supposed to plug into the "rear" jack in the control hub. The other one will be the standard front one. Do I connect them both to the jacks with front marked on them, or is the "rear" type LP905 a different voltage or something which needs to be connected to the jack marked rear on the central control hub.??
    Will they both fire if one is connected to the rear and one to the front jack?



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