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    Default setting off other detectors

    would a sti set off other detectors
    i know the crappers set off the sti's just wondering if the sti set off others.

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    It shouldn't....That's the whole point of the STI.......

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    STi has ZERO leakage, not only will it not set off other detectors, but it wont even set off radar detector detectors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bkrell
    ....That's the whole point of the STI.......

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    Actually, the STi does not have zero leakage. Its local oscillator leakage is just extremely low. Jimbonzzz, the Professor, reports that he has no trouble detecting and measuring the STi's specific local oscillator frequencies, but obviously this is done by using an antenna which is located extremely close to the front of the STi's radar horns.

    Anyway, if you mount an STi at least one foot away from another radar detector on your windshield and mount both up high in order to keep them away from your windshield wiper blades, then the odds are virtually 100% that the STi will not interfere with the adjacent radar detector.



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