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    Default Disabling X-band on STi - Does it still scan the X-band?

    A question for the STi experts:

    If you disable X-band on the STi does it actually stop scanning the X-band? Or does it simply stop alerting to X-band and continue to scan the X-band?

    The reason I ask is because I would think that *theoretically* if you disabled X-band, and the STi actually stops scanning X-band, that K and Ka scanning and alerting should become a few milliseconds faster! 8)

    Thanks for the help!

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    Reportedly, if you turn OFF X-Band, the STi no longer scans X-Band. If you put it into "City NO X" mode, it still scans X-band but does not report it.

    But X-Band is very narrow and takes a very short amount of time to sweep. So, I wouldn't bet the bank on any performance improvements. If X-Band is not a threat for you, you might consider turning it off to prevent false alerts, and if there's performance benefit as a side effect, then great.



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