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    Default Settings for Vector 995

    Hey guys,
    Just got my Vector 995 and I know this has been discussed, but after doing a search, I can't find any threads.

    Just wanted to know the recommended settings.

    I also noticed that I have the S7 horn.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyVOLVOrob
    City LoX

    Ka- ON
    K- ON
    X- ON
    Laser- ON
    SWS- OFF
    POP- ON(unless the POP falses get annoying)
    Ku- OFF

    On the highway use HIGHWAY mode and around town use City LoX if city has a bunch of X falses, otherwise run Autoscan.
    crazyVOLVOrob said to leave X band on but I don't think it is used in Minnesota according to this link.

    Minnesota (thanks strmchaxsr, DogGod, xrs9430, StealthyPhantom, joegibs, cyberblob, wanderingmind)
    Apple Valley: Ka
    Burnsville: Ka
    Carver County - KA, K
    Cottage Grove: K
    Deephaven - KA, K
    Eden Prairie: K, Ka, Laser
    Hopkins - KA, K
    Lakeville: K, Ka, Laser
    Mankato: K, Laser
    Minnetonka - KA, K, LASER
    Orono - KA, K
    Ramsey County - K, Ka (IO) and laser.
    Red Wing: Ka
    Richfield - KA
    Rochester - Laser (PL III)
    Roseville - K, Ka and laser.
    Savage - K
    St. Paul - K, Ka and laser.
    Shakopee: Ka (Kustom Signals/Decatur 35.500Mhz)
    State Patrol: Ka (Stalker 34.7, Golden Eagle 35.5), Laser (PLIII)

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    Im in burnsville. I have the 995 with S7 horn

    I use Auto in town and Highway for road trips, however the Highway is quicker to respond on K bands, so would be better to perhaps always leave it on Highway for that IO k band.

    Pop is off, get way to many falses on that around here in town, will drive you crazy, its very loud!

    I have Xband off I dont know of any x band use here except maybe in no mans land of northern MN.

    I have heard there is rare instance of X band in rural northern Wisconin towns.

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    Default Thanks

    I'm actually in Burnsville too, but put Minneapolis on my bio. Thanks for the heads up on the X band. I was at the Burnsville mall and was getting some low K band readings driving through the parking lot. I assume this is an alarm system or automatic doors?

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    Like I said Xband is highly unlikely around here and I keep it off.

    The k band comes from kmart/library, and over in the target parking lot opposite the mall.

    Minnesota has there own page if you like to join us we do some testing of RD's. Check cyberblobs profile



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